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Delivery Information

Method and Delivery System

Chinabuybuy provides Door to Door Ocean Shipping Solution to South East Asia Countries such as Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for all goods sold in our site. That means, we will handle all shipping and clearance until your doorstep.

Delivery Time Duration 

      Chinabuybuy owns and operates warehouses in Guangzhou, China. About 90% of all sellers in Taobao and live at Guangzhou. For delivery of goods from sellers and vendors takes approximately 3-5 days. After the goods arrive in the warehouse, Chinabuybuy staffs will be check it to ensure the condition of goods. If there is a damage, we will return the goods to the vendor and seller.
From our warehouse to the country below, the estimates are :
- Indonesia : around 30 - 40 days from our warehouse
- Philippine : around 30 - 40 days from our warehouse
- Singapore : around 2-3 weeks 
- Malaysia : around 2-3 weeks
- Thailand : around 10 days

Order Consolidation

Chinabuybuy provides free consolidation services to save your international shipping costs. You can order from multiple suppliers, ship all the goods to our warehouse and we will pack them all into one cargo before shipping to your country. 

Prohibited Items

     Chinabuybuy may not deliver goods prohibited by the Government of the destination country or goods that may cause harm, or be easily damaged during the trip, such as the following product types:
·     Flammable or explosive goods:
Perfumes, nail polish and cleansers, essential oils, hairspray, compressed air, matches, Tiner paints and cleansers, Catridge Printers, Lithium Batteries, petroleum and derivatives, and alcoholic goods.
·      Drugs:
All kinds of medicines, china medicines and slimming products.
·      Prohibited or regulated Goods:
Animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, raw foods, meat, electric cigarettes, tobacco materials, alcohol products, weapons and explosives, handcuffs, swords, toy guns, copyrighted goods (Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines), pornographic materials, and counterfeit / imitation items.
·      Valuable goods:
Jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver, and antiques
·      Other: Rotten items, goods that easily contaminate other goods, magnetic materials and radioactive materials in powder / flour form. For radio and communication equipment is also not allowed, because only for export purposes.