Delivery Information


Method and Delivery System

There are twice payments for purchases in "AsiaCommerce". Payment of goods price includes payment of delivery package until the goods arrive to the destination address.
A. Payment = Product Price + Local Delivery Fee (China / Korea / Thailand / Japan)
B. Payment = International Shipping Cost + Indonesian local delivery fee

Price and Delivery Time Duration

Asiacommerce owns and operates warehouses in Guangzhou, China. About 90% of all sellers in Taobao and live at Guangzhou. For delivery of goods from sellers and vendors takes approximately 3-5 days. After the goods arrive in the warehouse, Asiacommerce staffs will be check it to ensure the condition of goods. If there is a damage, we will return the goods to the vendor and seller.

There are 2 delivery service provided by Asiacommerce. Those are through the air and sea lanes. Here are the details of terms, times and shipping charges:

From China:

Rp. 120.000,00/kg7 Days

minimum 0,5/cbm

Garment 4,5 Million/cbm

Special 4,2 Million/cbm

General 4 Million/cbm

30 Days

Vital Records

A. Shipping Via air calculated each weight with a multiple of 1kg. Example: The weight of 700 grams will be calculated by 1 Kg weight.

B. All weight calculations as listed in the above table refer to Package Weight (See Package Weight and Volumetric Weight)

C. Working Day excluds Saturday, Sunday and holidays in Indonesia and holidays where sellers come from (China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan).

D. The entire duration of the order process mentioned earlier does not include the process of purchasing and receiving goods in the warehouse. Normally it takes about 3-5 days for get to the warehouse in China.

E. The delivery time duration in the above table is a normal standard estimate. Approximately 95% of all shipments that have occurred on average meet the duration of the time. Delay occurs due to some unexpected factors such as weather and customs inspection process which is a factor beyond the control of AsiaCommerce and our logistics partner. However, we will compensate the delay based on the "Timely Delivery Guarantee" policy. Please note that we do not guarantee delivery time for sensitive air, sensitive sea, food and cosmetic delivery methods. Estimated time in the table above is a normal condition where there is no obstacle on the inspection process at customs and excise. There is no compensation for the delay if it occurs on the type of goods. Customer will be under responsible for this type of goods if there is a confiscation at local customs.


For agent fees are calculated based on a percentage of the total product value and international shipping cost. There are 2 types in asiacommece:

Sample fee / example: 8% via air
First Payment Sample = Goods Price + Domestic Fee
Sample Second Payment = Handling fee 8% + Shipping fee (per / kg)
Wholesale Cost / Wholsale: 5% via sea
First Payment Sample = Goods Price + Domestic Fee
Sample Second Payment = Handling fee 5% + Shipping fee (per / 0.5 cbm)

Volumetric Weight

Shipping costs can be affected by how much space is occupied by an item, other than the actual weight of the item. This is called volumetric weight.

In international shipping, volumetric weight is calculated and compared to its actual weight, where the biggest weight value will be used as the cost of shipping. Here is the formula for calculating the volumetric weight:

China: Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 1,000

Please note that the weight on the sellers' website is a real weight. You should pay close attention to large items such as plastic toys, cushions, chairs, diapers, crystal chandeliers, bicycles, and so on. Sometimes the value of postage can be more expensive than the price of the product. We recommend that you first check the size / dimensions of the goods to the seller or through the help of AsiaCommerce.

Package Weight

The weight shown on the website display is the weight of the goods only. After you purchase, the weight will be added with the weight of the wrap (in this case cardboard and plastic). The weight of this wrap will be an additional weight for your package shipment. If the package uses cardboard for more items, or the size of the goods is large enough, there will be more room on the cardboard. The weight gain of this package is usually worth 1.1 times the actual weight or weight of your goods volumetric.

Order Consolidation

AsiaCommerce provides free consolidation services for many items at AsiaCommerce warehouse to save your international shipping costs. We will remove the useless bundle and re-position the item so that your package does not have excessive free space before the shipment is made. In this way, customer can save international shipping cost and bring the goods easier later on.

To enjoy this service, you can contact us via website or chat on group member then the order consolidation service above will automatically become part of every order process that you do.

As another alternative, you can make a request to send all your orders simultaneously. By doing this, all of
your unsent orders will be combined to be sent simultaneously on the schedule you specify.

Retrofitting Service

Repacking is an additional service provided by AsiaCommerce to help reduce the added weight on the total weight of the shipment package because international shipping costs are highly dependent not only on the weight of the goods but also the size of the item and the package. Due to the large number of packages we receive from sellers in bad or excessive conditions, this service will help reduce unnecessary packing material, which can reduce package weight by up to 30% and will eventually reduce international postage costs.

Almost 95% of AsiaCommerce customer packages are re-wrapping process. This process will be done if we feel able to reduce the heavy burden of the package, without reducing the quality of the original goods. Meanwhile, for items that have been wrapped with additional protection from seller, this package will not undergo repackaging process. For this type of package, Asiacommerce will not responsible if there is a damage in its delivery.

Prohibited Items

AsiaCommerce may not deliver goods prohibited by the Government of the destination country or goods that may cause harm, or be easily damaged during the trip, such as the following product types:
·         Flammable or explosive goods:
Perfumes, nail polish and cleansers, essential oils, hairspray, compressed air, matches, Tiner paints and cleansers, Catridge Printers, Lithium Batteries, petroleum and derivatives, and alcoholic goods.
·         Drugs:
All kinds of medicines, china medicines and slimming products.
·         Prohibited or regulated Goods:
Animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, raw foods, meat, electric cigarettes, tobacco materials, alcohol products, weapons and explosives, handcuffs, swords, toy guns, copyrighted goods (Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines), pornographic materials, and counterfeit / imitation items.
·         Valuable goods:
Jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver, and antiques
·         Other:

Rotten items, goods that easily contaminate other goods, magnetic materials and radioactive materials in powder / flour form. For radio and communication equipment is also not allowed, because only for export purposes.
This item list may be updated. Please check the Customs and Excise website for more updated list.
You will be liable for goods confiscated or abandoned or items charged with additional costs for such purchases and shipments.